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  • Our panel of CEOs and selected investors discussed specific use cases on the digitization of old economy enterprise and how the ICO/token economy is revolutionizing the software industry creating new winners and losers in the industry.

    The ideaAs the corporate world continues to embrace digital transformation, there is currently a return to spending on large software platforms. There are three key drivers:

    1) Economic pressure: Digitization is driven by the need to ultimately improve bottom line or top-line; improving productivity or efficiency.

    2) Technology: The technological push itself (all this innovation (new technologies, e.g. AI, tokens, SaaS) is opening new horizons, new services, new geographies for enterprise businesses. Blockchain will also drive digital transformation of enterprise specifically with automation, digitization of processes, tokenization of physical assets and activities and codification of complex contracts.

    3) Expectations and behaviors of end-users / Consumers / Customers: users are expecting to be connected and for the technology to be fast to implement, easy to use, smart, and more collaborative.