September 18th, 2017: Blockchain: The Multi-Vertical Game Changer (CigarettenFactory, BMO Design, Zurich)

The Idea: Blockchain came into the limelight as Bitcoin’s less-sensational little brother.  However, it is now anticipated to have near-boundless potential that could be as influential a disruptor as the internet. Blockchain is even changing the way companies are financed, with ICOs currently stealing the limelight from venture capital, venture debt, and the exchanges! 

The finance sector was the first to get excited about this fast-developing technology with more than 50 finance giants, e.g. Visa, Deloitte, and Western Union already invested in blockchain technology.   Now other major industries— including IOT, cybersecurity, healthcare, and retail — are all considering blockchain to reinvent their infrastructure

Key Discussion Points

1. Industry use-cases: How will blockchain disrupt growth verticals across sectors? Fintech, IOT,  Healthcare, Retail, B2B SaaS, Cybersecurity.

2. WTF is an ICO? Blockchain disrupting traditional financing models for growth companies.