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We help develop strategies that can strengthen and grow your business. At Minds2Capital, we support you in building the infrastructure required to attract stable long-term capital from our network of ‘smart capital’.

“Your brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business” – Warren Buffett


Developing brands, devising marketing and growth strategies, and creating partnerships are part of the entrepreneurial journey

Service Summary

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Streamlining Marketing Strategy
  • Helping find a Core Corporate Message
  • Creating Targeted Marketing Material
  • Building the Fundraising Infrastructure

Service Summary

  • Creating Branding Strategy
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  • Sourcing network for Growth Financing
  • Fundraising Support and Roadshow Planning

Strategy + Content


Do you have the infrastructure to attract the right capital? Do your partners have the expertise to help you scale?

We possess the business mindset that concentrates on the creation and implementation of innovative yet strategic plans that enhance your brand identity and ability to attract smart capital.


Is your idea easily communicated in a single phrase to your target audience?

We help you streamline and deliver your content in a crisp, easy to understand message. Clear concise concepts help communicate ideas.

Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity.
Survival is not the goal,
transformative success is.
- Seth Godin
Make it simple. Make it memorable.
Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.
- Leo Burdett
Identity is cause; brand is effect.
- Larry Ackerman
Creativity is piercing the mundane
to find the marvelous.
- Bill Moyers

Branding + Connection


What are your key frustrations with brand awareness?

We perform a needs based analysis of your current brand positioning and help create a targeted approach to re-position your brand to attract smart capital.

“Brands create content and try to cover everything, instead of focusing on the core niche where they can position themselves as an expert. No one cares about your special recipe. Find your niche.” Joe Pulluzi


Do you want to truly connect with clients/investors?

Creativity and adaptability are key. Every idea is different. Communicating ideas should be creatively adapted to appeal to each individual’s or family’s passion for investing.

We have the ability to help you connect with stable, consistent capital from successful angel + family investors who can help you strategically grow your business.


Entrepreneurs Game-changers + Inspired Leaders
Family Offices Owner Managed Businesses
Asset Managers Intrapreneurial Teams


Lizanne Atherly, Founder

Over the last decade, I have worked in financial markets both allocating capital to alternatives for family offices, and building out marketing + business development platforms for these financial boutiques. Along this journey, I have found my passion in helping them develop growth strategies and creating long-term partnerships for direct investing. I help connect niche, high growth entrepreneurs to smart capital and allow smart capital to access great ideas. It is a unique and humbling position to be able to give entrepreneurs and family investors perspective from ‘both sides of the table’. There is daily inspiration in helping businesses that have a disruptive and positive impact on the world tell their story and achieve long-term growth. I believe that value creation is driven by attracting both the expertise and capital that can help companies scale.



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